Bli Bli Vet Puppy Preschool

We do not currently run puppy preschool, but there is information below about what puppy preschool entails.

Every new puppy owner wants a well-behaved, sociable pet, and we know first-hand the benefits of sharing your life with such a friend. Therefore, we encourage all new puppy owners to take advantage of the early developmental period between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. This is the best time to begin socialisation and Puppy Preschool is the perfect way to do it.

Unlike traditional dog training classes, Puppy Preschool is specifically designed for puppies eight to sixteen weeks of age. Your puppy will have the opportunity to experience safe interactions with other pups at the same developmental stage, gaining confidence and socialisation skills in a safe environment. You will learn about normal and abnormal canine behavior, effective early training techniques and how to keep your new puppy happy and healthy.

Each week will cover several topics, such as anxiety, biting, health care and nutrition. You’ll be shown basic training techniques using positive reinforcement. Supervised play sessions are also included to allow puppies to learn acceptable social skills. These will lead to successful interactions later in life; at your local off leash area or the beach. Instructors are trained to prevent bullying and intimidation and can provide early identification of problem temperaments which may require additional management.


You can’t be taught everything you need to know about training, behaviour and health in a few weeks, but you'll develop a better understanding of your new family member and we’ll be here if you should have questions in the future.

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