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Dr Amy Lynam

Veterinary Surgeon




Dr Amy

Dr Jasmin Pender

Veterinary Surgeon


In 2021, Dr Jasmin moved to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to family and we are fortunate to now have her as part of our team. She has a special interest in surgery, particularly orthopaedics and is passionate about small animal medicine.

Jasmin adopted her unique cat, Souffle, as a kitten when she was bought into the clinic as a stray. She also has 2 more cats, Cashew and Chia who are siblings (also bought into the clinic, as orphan kittens) and a beautiful but cheeky Japanese Spitz called Kuma.

Outside of work and looking after all her furbabies, Jasmin loves going to the theatre – musicals are her favourite!

Dr Sarah Moffitt

Veterinary Surgeon



Dr Sarah joined our team at the end of 2022, after working a few casual shifts at the clinic she didn't want to leave!

Following her graduation from the University of Queensland in 2019, Dr Sarah worked for two years as a mixed practice veterinarian in NSW, treating both dogs and cats, as well as farm animals. She then moved to QLD to work full-time in a wildlife hospital, to further her knowledge in the treatment of all wildlife, reptiles in particular. She is passionate about reptiles, having grown up with a large variety of snakes, lizards, and even a crocodile named Snap!  

Dr Sarah is passionate about the importance of preventative care of your furry family members, senior pet care, and reptile medicine and husbandry

Dr Sarah has two cats (Bumble and Baloo), a dog named Indi (pictured), a horse named Shadow, and a number of reptiles at her Dad's reptile centre.



Veterinary Nurse

Dr Anna Foster

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Geeta Saini

Veterinary Surgeon




Dr Geeta


Veterinary Nurse

Danielle has had a love of animals for as long as she can remember. 

She has worked in a variety of jobs – from managing a toy store and delivering pizzas, to zoo keeping and working as a kennel hand. She is now pursuing a career in Veterinary Nursing.

Her favourite part of nursing is helping small dog feel comfortable as she has had lots of practice with her own small rescue dog.

She has a Maltese X Shih Tzu called Marley and a cat called Tofu.

Danielle spends her free time playing board games, reading, cooking and helping her family with their hobby farm.


Veterinary Nurse

Nathalie is originally from the Netherlands. She graduated Cert IV in vet nursing at TAFE in 2022. She ended up in this career because she has always loved animals and after her many travels decided it was the career she would like to pursue. She started volunteering at an animal shelter with cats and ended up working there as an animal attendant in the cat adoption section. After graduating she worked as a shelter nurse for a bit. Because she wanted to further my knowledge and gain skills she decided to work in a hands-on GP clinic.

Her main interests are surgery and animal welfare. 

She has 2 cats, Pip and Bizkit. 

When she is not at home with them and reading a book, you can find her at the beach, in the surf or going for a hike. 


Veterinary Nurse

Kiera’s previous role as a zookeeper has allowed her to develop useful skills in calming all types of animals.She has a gentle manner and an excellent understanding of animal behaviour which is appreciated by all our four-legged visitors.

Kiera has completed her Certificate III in Captive Animals as well as a Cert III in Animal Studies. And is now undertaking a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. When she’s not working, she finds time for hiking and volunteering for local conservation projects.


Veterinary Nurse




Veterinary Receptionist




Veterinary Nurse

Jasmin has been a member of our team since doing school based work experience with us. She is now studying Veterinary Science at James Cook University.

Jasmin is looking forward to a future working with people who share her love of animals and continuing to assist and improve the lives of all our four-legged friends.

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